Orthopaedics and Physiotherapy

When you think of orthopedics, broken bones come to mind, but orthopedics addresses a range of bone, muscle, ligament, tendon, and joint conditions that people are either born with or that occur through injury or aging. Physiotherapy can be thought of as rehabilitation to relieve pain, restore a person’s ability to carry out normal daily activities and help prevent re-injury.

Our Orthopedics and Physiotherapy Unit is staffed by experienced, licensed personnel, who deliver care to people of all ages with compassion and skill. Our team of caring professionals consists of one orthopedic trauma technologist, one orthopedic technologist, and one physiotherapist.

Our Orthopedics Unit can:

  • Read and interpret X-rays.
  • Set a broken bone or put a dislocated joint back in place (called reduction).
  • Refracture and reset bones to straighten them when am old broken bone did not heal straight.
  • Apply plaster casts and arm slings.
  • Fit prostheses (artificial limbs) and crutches.
  • Treat trauma wounds.
  • Treat a calcaneus spur (a painful bone condition in the heel of your foot).
  • Treat valgus and varus (bones that are abnormally curved out or in).
  • Assess your condition and refer you to specialized care when needed.

Our Physiotherapy Unit can:

  • Help relieve your lower back pain.
  • Help you regain normal movement ability after surgery, injuries, Bell’s Palsy, or stroke (called rehabilitation).
  • Help relieve pain and maintain joint mobility when you have arthritis.
  • Help manage paralysis.
  • Apply manually (stretch joints by pulling to relieve pain and/or compression).
  • Skin traction (stretching a broken bone or displaced joint by attaching bandages and weights to the skin above the area being treated).
  • Prescribe an exercise program.
  • Break up adhesions, relieve pain, decrease swelling, and promote healing through soft tissue manipulation – for example, massaging your muscles.