Radiology Services

St. Anne Mission Hospital – Igoji is home to a sophisticated radiology facility. Our department provides a comprehensive range of Imaging Services, including both routine and specialized procedures. With the best technology available today, the hospital is establishing leadership in diagnostic and interventional imaging in the medical sector.

  • X-RAY – X-ray is used to produce images of structures and conditions inside the body, such as broken bones, lung disease, and dental decay. Our department has a conventional X-ray unit and a computed radiography (CR) processing unit. Each provides high-quality images, but the CR processing unit creates a digitized image that can be stored on computers or disks instead of traditional films.

  • ULTRASOUND – Ultrasound uses sound wave technology that is similar to radar. It does not use radiation and is the preferred method of viewing a developing baby before birth, but it can visualize any internal organ. Our department is equipped with a new-generation ultrasound machine. Aside from standard imagery, this can also be used for ultrasound-guided procedures – for example, to guide a surgeon during surgery.

  • DENTAL X-RAYS – We can also perform dental X-rays. These X-rays can look inside your teeth to detect tooth decay and can also be used to detect bone and gum diseases.